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Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine)

Tribulus terrestris ( puncture vine The puncture vine is known in Indian as Sanskrit. The puncture vine is used as a supplement. Keywords: puncture vine, puncture vine supplement, puncture vine diet ) is a vine that has been used as a general tonic (energy) and herbal treatment for impotence. Because of the plants reputed benefits, athletes have used Tribulus terrestris extract dietary supplements to boost energy levels, to promote healthy hormone function, to enhance muscle tone and to support athletic training.

Although it is unclear how Tribulus terrestris extract exerts its effects, scientific research has suggested several possible mechanisms of action. Clinical research has shown that Tribulus may support healthy libido function in humans, and that it may also support healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol profiles. If Tribulus extract does indeed elevate testosterone levels, yet keeps them within normal ranges, it may be an effective supplement for individuals with reduced testosterone levels. Individuals such as athletes who are at risk for overtraining syndrome and individuals on a prolonged low-calorie diet may benefit from Tribulus. It will not, however, cause you to start sprouting muscles from all parts of your body as many body building magazines would have you believe.

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